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  • What is flipClass.com?

    flipClass.com is India's leading marketplace for quality online tuition. Across India, we help budding and passionate teachers to connect with students.

  • How is flipClass different from other platforms?

    Unlike most of these platforms flipClass does not broadcast private information to multiple interested parties at once. flipClass allows parents to browse and connect only with teachers of their choice.

  • Do I need to pay any fee to flipClass for listing

    No. Listing in flipClass is absolutely FREE. You need to pay the fee only after you have started the tuition.

  • Does flipClass take a fixed percentage of the tuition money?

    No. flipClass charges the equivalent of 2 hours tuition money for every student that you connect through our platform. The payment method is very simple. You need to follow an online payment link and make the payment.

  • Who collects the tuition fee?

    You can collect weekly/monthly tuition fee from the parent after the classes. We discourage taking advance payment for tuition.

  • What is a trial class?

    A trial class is a tuition class. It is also gives an opportunity to the student and the parent to ascertain the compatibility and the comfort level of the student with you and your style of teaching. This class is conducted before going full steam ahead with further teaching classes.

  • Will I be paid for the trial class?

    flipClass charges a nominal fee to match the area of your teaching expertise with the tutoring requirement of the student. You will NOT be paid for the trial class.

  • Does flipClass have any teaching method or study material that I need to follow?

    For all grades you would need to assess the level of understanding of the student and adjust your teaching style and material accordingly. However, we recommend using flipClass's GeniusKids worksheets to cover key concepts in Mathematics, English and Science for students of Pre-primary and Primary. Please note that some parents may have specific objectives for putting their child through tuition and would want you to follow specific book/material.

  • I have received a request for a trial class. Should I prepare?

    Absolutely. Brush up on the syllabus/topic and go prepared. Please note that in case the parent does not want to go with you for tutoring classes beyond the trial class , our internal system may mark your quality score down. Go for a trial class confident and fully prepared.

  • I planning a vacation. What should I do?

    Please ensure that you inform the parent in advance of your vacation so that she can arrange for a suitable replacement. You should also click the pause button against all teaching subjects listed in your profile. This will ensure that you do not get any new tuition request.

  • My profile details are incorrect. How do I change it?

    You can login to your dashboard and change your profile details. Some details like academic qualification etc cannot be changed from dashboard. Please send a mail to tutor.care and we will be happy to make the changes.

  • Of late, I am getting fewer tuition requests. What should I do?

    Check your performance parameters in your dashboard. A good response rate and a higher trial-class success rate are important.

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